Boschetto al Tartufo, 200g


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This fresh sheep milk cheese has been flavoured with truffle from Tuscany. Made with pasteurised sheep milk, Boschetto al Tartufo has a sweet and delicate taste despite the truffle penetrating aroma.

Throughout this tender cheese are shavings of rare, white truffle that make the Boschetto a decadent delicacy.

Cooperativa Agricola del Forteto was established in 1977 in the Tuscan town of Mugello with the main focus on the quality and goodness of the products.

This product is excellent on its own, but also great as part of a cheese platter or fancy antipasto. Pair it with a spicy Italian red wine and thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma ham.

Allergen Information

This product contains animal rennet, therefore it's not suitable for vegetarians. Contains Milk and Dairy.