Gorgonzola Maturo Dolce DOP


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Gorgonzola Maturo Dolce DOP is a blue cheese, sweet and delicate, full of aromas of milk and cream, and matured for at least 60 days.

Tosi's cheese farm is located in the traditional area of Gorgonzola cheese production. It is one of the smallest makers joined with the consortium, that still works in an artisanal way.

Perfect on a cheese platter or antipasti board, it's also wonderful when enjoyed with chutney, honey or jam on bread at the end of a meal. The cheese pairs well with a Tuscan Vin Santo and sparkling wines.

This product contains animal rennet, therefore it's not suitable for vegetarians. Contains Milk and dairy. Pasteurised. Please note, the rind of this cheese is not edible.