Oregano Infused Limoncello, Lina Stores, 500ml


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Limoncello is a classic Italian liqueur, traditionally made with the Sorrento lemon variety from the Amalfi Coast. Rich in aromatic, essential oils, Sorrento lemons give the unique characteristic to the liqueur through careful and slow maceration of the thick lemon peels.

Our Limoncello is infused with dried Italian wild oregano for a perfect balance of flavours. Aromatic and zesty, this Limoncello is left to rest for several days before bottling, resulting in a long, dry finish with lingering aromatic herbs.

Best served ice cold in a chilled glass as a digestivo, our Limoncello is also excellent when used in cocktails, including our Lina Stores Limoncello Spritz, which combines Limoncello, prosecco, soda & wild oregano garnish.