Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked), 150g


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Cooked Italian ham from Emilia Romagna is made from the same pigs that are reared for the cured hams, so the quality is exceptional. Many prefer the cooked hams that they believe to be more easily digested, less salty, and milder in flavour.

The Salumificio la Rocca is recognised as one of the most attentive custodians of the Emiliana pork-butchers' tradition for the production of Salumi Piacentini. We have been working with them for years and have visited them many times to learn more about their techniques.

Prosciutto Cotto is also a versatile ingredient in cooking, and can be used in delicious pasta or rice salads, omelettes, or 'Crespelle con Prosciutto Cotto, Fontina e Besciamella' (Savoury pancakes with Prosciutto Cotto, Fontina Cheese and Bechamel).